Tuesday, December 3, 2013

31 Days of Faith...Day 2... BEYOND THE WALLS


          I pretty much think everyone should at some point in their life be required to journal...but not only journal but, write journal entries with the knowledge that they will be read by others.  It's eye opening.   You wake up in the morning, and start to feel the pressure.  What will you talk about today?  What do you feel today?  What's so important that you have to share it?  Why on earth did you ever say you would start to journal/blog in the view of others? 

          You stare at the computer screen, and wonder if you should do this entry later in the day....after you have experienced some life.  Maybe then you will have something to say....some knowledge to impart.  Maybe then the sky will open with divine inspiration, and all your words will live up to your wildest dreams.  The thing is you don't have time to do this later, and you made a promise to not only blog publicly, but said "blog" will explore daily what is occurring in your life to "believe" again...to have more faith....you took on a responsibility....one you could usually ignore by just day dreaming.  You day dream so vibrantly that you convince your soul that it's all really happening.   Meanwhile, the world keeps spinning, time keeps moving, you become "middle aged", and you wake up one day realizing that you didn't do anything...the day dreams were never enough....

          But....it's ok....you are now awake....and that alone is no small feat....

          So you sit down to share this all with whoever wants to listen, and you suddenly discover you have nothing to write about. Maybe you should just give up.  Go back to dreaming....but NO.

          I think I have heard it said that the devil is in the details....the thing is maybe that's true, but if it is, then so is God....so is every universal force that holds the world we know together.  You look up and see rainbows on the ceiling coming from the morning sun and it's kiss to a prism hanging in the window.  Outside the window, you sense a whole world before you even can see it.  You have faith that it is there.  You wonder what you will do today, and then remember you have to pick up your child from school, do homework, go to gymnastics...and continue to look for work in a career and economy that seems to have failed you....WHOA...wait a minute....I guess that's the devil part.   I mean not your child, but all the overwhelming negativity that comes from just waking up and being reminded of how hard things are and all the walls that are in your way.   But now try this... "God is in the details"....yes, she is...

          Think about your body.  Think about that it is mostly made up of water.  It is held together by molecules and atoms that according to science class you once took aren't even touching?  yet we not only stay held together, but the form we are in is different from everything around us.  Eveything seems to have it's place.  Including the wall in your way.   Then for the first time in a long time you get curious.  You have been staring at this wall everyday when you wake up.  But today you turn your head to the left....Or maybe to the right.   And yes, the wall seems to go on forever.  There is no way around it.   Is this the end of the story?  Did you know the world is round?  I know that's a stupid question...that we all know the answer to...but I said I would write everyday..so I'm just thinking....

          Thinking this....The wall exists....maybe it even goes on forever....maybe you have to get to the other side....maybe you have no tools to climb it....maybe no matter how many metaphysical self help books you read, you can't figure out how to walk through it.  So try this...turn around....see an open road.....or maybe a field full of flowers and no path besides the one you are about to make....and start walking....remember the world is round, and the adventures you are about to take will eventually take you the other side of that wall that was in your way for so so long.  

          One more thing though...just for the heck of it....before you get too far on your journey, after you have spent some time creating your new path amongst miracles and flowers and even maybe tall buildings....turn around one more time at that moment when you finally feel in your bones that you TOO are a miracle...that you too are a prism that can take in light and make rainbows... go back to that wall one more time....chances are it may not be there....chances are it never was there....no matter how you look at this morning though...look at it differently then you did before....If you see nothing worth sharing...or doing, or being....or nothing worth living for.....then i promise you, you are not looking close enough. 

           Wait, where was I?  oh yeah...there is a whole world outside my window....and I can't wait to see what's there today....beyond the walls.

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  1. deeply profound this gave me hope to just read ..the thought that todays obstacle at some time in some distance future will be overcome just by walking in the opposite direction of said obstacle shrugging it off and only looking back to remember what your walking away from.